Setting Up Instagram Shopping

Need help with setting up Instagram shopping?

Instagram finally launched the ability to tag products within your business account's feed and allow users to click through to a dedicated product page. This was a feature that most, if not all e-commerce managers and digital marketers were waiting for. Instagram Shopping lets users browse their favourite brand's insta feeds and engage with a product or two and before they know it they're at the checkout decided whether to choose express or regular shipping. 

However, the implementation of this new features has caused some issues over the last few months. Like most things, there are a few 'digital' hoops that need to be jumped over first before this fancy new feature is available. 

Below is a guide to setting up Instagram shopping and product tagging.

Before you start...

There are few essentials that need to be active or available prior to setting up this feature:

  1. Your business must sell physical products.
  2. Your business must sell within the following locations: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Brazil.
  3. Your Instagram must be set to a Business Profile. 
  4. Your Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page that has a Facebook catalogue. 

Once you have successfully ticked off the above your account will be reviewed by Instagram and access will be provided to the new feature. This process can take a few days but could take longer if more detail is required. 

Away we go!

There are a couple of ways to activate the shopping feature but the most common way is to find your profile and enter the settings menu. From here you will need to scroll down to the Shopping section and tap to Continue. Select the product catalogue that you want to connect to your business profile and tap Done.

Tag your first post with a product.

Once the above has been completed you can then get going and start tagging your posts. To do this all you need to do is post as per usual but before you publish select Tag Products and find the product that you want. Tap Done and Share.

There are a couple of ground rules which you'll need to remember:

  1. Tag up to 5 products per single-image or 20 per multi-image posts.
  2. You can edit tagged products in single-image posts BUT you can't in multi-image posts.
  3. If a product is deleted in your shop then the tag will be removed from the post. 
  4. You can't promote a post once a product has been tagged.
  5. You aren't able to create ads with this format just yet.

We hope this little guide helps and you can start reaping the rewards!