Digital Habitus

Strategic Planning & Consultation

We pride ourselves on our ability to create lasting digital roadmaps that are specifically curated around your business’s needs, specialising in direct to consumer e-commerce businesses.

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Strategic Planning

Digital Habitus was developed to break the status quo and disrupt what is considered the norm. We exist because we know the importance of standing out ahead of the ever-increasing herd. Digital isn’t just a word, it’s a philosophy and a platform that can be used to help shape our social conscience. Being loud isn’t just about being heard, it’s about being seen - for what you are and what you do. Taking a role in your business and helping mould the essence of success is what we do.

Digital Strategy
Creative Workshops
KPI & Goal Setting
Short & Long Term Planning


Our Process

Our intensive three stage process allows us to effectively view the task with a clear, distinct focus. Taking your business to the next level requires a deep understanding of your business's needs, your customer, the industry and what the market looks like from a growth perspective. To get this, we undertake a deep dive into your business and build a roadmap that outlines a unique digital solution for your business.


We look at your business’s historical data and evaluate performance from traffic to conversion generation. This helps us to accurately determine the next stage with a concrete foundation and understanding to service growth for your business.


We look at what channels there are and how they could support your business. This includes reviewing new platforms, executing brand and consumer led channels and having a clear focus on your customer. Understanding how this mix works into your customer’s journey is key to managing success.


We outline the actionable tasks and milestones creating a clear game plan for your business and it's digital channels. Our roadmap includes channel breakdowns, performance estimates that are based off industry standards and customer data, asset creation recommendations and advice and competitive service agreements.