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Digital Habitus was developed to break the status quo and disrupt what is considered the norm. We exist because we know the importance of standing out ahead of the ever-increasing herd. Digital isn’t just a word, it’s a philosophy and a platform that can be used to help shape our social conscience. Being loud isn’t just about being heard, it’s about being seen - for what you are and what you do. Taking a role in your business and helping mould the essence of success is what we do.

Digital Habitus is the way we process and perceive the world around us, the way our everyday life is shaped and our values and expectations are constituted. It is the way we live our lives, the digital habits that we acquire and the way that we interact and conduct our behaviours. We find the best strategy for your business through our expertise and extensive partnerships for you and your team to create a lasting and performing digital roadmap that will scale with your business.


Digital Habitus is built from a team of result driven digital and creative specialists skilled in brand development and digital innovation. Our innovation and result driven enthusiasm inspires our team to strive further within not only every aspect of our business but our client’s as well.

We help you to understand and engage with your customer's values. We do this through a range of digital services helping to understand complicated strategic problems resulting in effective innovations. Our specialists help to develop digital campaigns that build customer advocacy, revenue generation and brand awareness.


Our digital strategies are designed to scale with your business. Every channel is taken through a rigorous process that has been designed to not only work within our managed services but our partner network as well.

Digital Strategy
Creative Workshops
KPI & Goal Setting
Short & Long Term Planning


Our team includes some of Australia’s best photographers, videographers, editors to graphic designers. We are able to provide a full social media management platform with end to end production capabilities.

Social Content Creation
Video & Photography
Graphic Design


We help to connect your brand and values through a platform that promotes your uniqueness and cuts through the everyday noise. Your business’s growth is determined by the added value that your brand brings to your customer.

Campaign Strategy & Planning
Digital & Social Media Distribution
Campaign Management
Performance Reporting

We live and breathe content creation and digital distribution, we understand your industry and we work across a range of services. Our dedicated team members and account managers know exactly what you need and how to get it done.
— Tom Box, Founder of Digital Habitus