Digital Habitus

 About Us

We are an independent content creation and digital marketing agency. We provide digital solutions for e-commerce and services businesses across a range of industries including fashion, health & fitness and food & beverage.

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Campaign photography for @gooddaygirlloves | Shot by @tompaulbox for #digitalhabitus 
Model @geegeeferguson 
Hair & Makeup @yenmakeup_ 
Illustrations @jeffmccann
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Who Are We

Our Style

Digital marketing is an ever changing environment and is more important than ever with new trends appearing almost daily. This is the reason for our creation and our sole approach has been designed to accommodate your needs and your business’s expectations. Moral judgement builds trust and is something that is very rarely considered when approaching a new partner but it's the glue that keeps relationships running.

Our Approach

Digital Habitus is the way we process and perceive the world around us, the way our everyday life is shaped and our values and expectations are constituted. It is the way we live our lives, the digital habits that we acquire and the way that we interact and conduct our behaviours. We believe that your success is the driving force to our future which is why our entire focus is on the ability to take a calculated approach, creative exciting content, run an effective digital campaign and provide the return that you deserve.



Meet The Team


Tom Box
Managing Director & Founder

He is a passionate collector of experiences. Tom has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands and has been integral in the growth of many online businesses through innovative digital marketing activities.

Having originally studied fashion & textile design at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Tom worked within the fashion industry for many years prior to launching his own e-commerce business and taking a lead in the digital marketing industry. He is also a freelance photographer.

Sam Reynolds
Content + Creative Director

Living and breathing content creation, digital marketing and e-commerce, Sam has extensive experience with leading Australian fashion labels, holding a six year tenure at Camilla and most recently as the e-commerce manager at Aje.

Sam brings a fresh creative approach to every project and concept, ensuring that our client’s content is engaging and their vision is developed at the highest calibre. Always seeking the next adventure, she is also the face behind the successful travel website A Blondie Abroad.