5 Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Everyone's business is different and your digital marketing strategy shouldn't be an exception to that. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case with many pulling together ad-hoc digital marketing ideas, templates and execution strategies. It's so easy to find information about every aspect of a digital marketing strategy online today which is great, but is it the right thing for your business? 

While we generally talk about creating an initial strategy, it's important to note that setting one up and then leaving it to boil isn't the right way to go. It needs constant maintenance, focus and on-going adjustments based on performance and outcomes. 

Below is an insight into our strategy process and how we go about building the most accurate digital strategy for your business. 

1. Understanding

By sitting down with our clients we are able to ask the right questions to find out who they are, what they represent and more importantly, who their customers are. By understanding who their customers are and what their journey looks like we can evaluate opportunity more clearly. Some brands do exceptionally well within certain channels but by expanding on the potential and rolling out within other channels they are able to witness growth outside of the norm. 

2. Exploration

Once we know what we're working towards and have a clear understanding of the business we can begin to explore possible channel groupings, channel outputs and performance opportunities. Exploration of both online and offline data and bringing them together is essential in this day and age. You have to take into account not only digital responses but offline, non-digital touchpoints as well. It's key to understand that your customer doesn't necessarily change their behaviour when shopping online compared to when they shop within a brick and mortar storefront. 

3. Definition

This is where we define what we need to do to get you to where you want to go. By taking on-board the many services and capabilities on hand we can build out a clear understanding and strategic roadmap of each service, their output, return on investment and what we need to do to get amplification across the board. This also provides our clients with a clear know-how on what channels we'd like to use and what we could do from a narrative standpoint. 

4. Action

It's great to know how we are going to tackle growth and how we concept scale but this is where I find most businesses stall. The reason is quite simple, they don't know how to actually implement these ideas on a more technical scale. This could be for many reasons but the most common reason has been resourcing or should I say, the lack of. Without sounding too preachy this is where we can take the brunt of the workload and help drive success effectively. 

5. Review

Once we have some runs on the board we can then look to optimise and revise where needed. This isn't just limited to active or scheduled campaigns, this is also relevant to the entire strategy. Without data, we are only guessing which is why we work on gathering effective data that can help us understand what is actually happening. This is where the strategy could potentially take a different direction or better yet, scale with success. 

These five touchpoints are the basis of any successful digital marketing strategy and should be taken seriously when you're beginning to conceptualise the next stages of your e-commerce site and/or business venture.

Call us to find out how we could help assist your business and if you're in and around Sydney we'll throw in a free coffee (or two).