Digital Habitus

Social Content Creation

We help you and your team plan and create the right content that builds a loyal following through constructive storytelling and elevated visual imagery.

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Content Creation

The foundation of our business is the ability to provide an end-to-end service for all of your digital needs. This means staying ahead of the competition and being able to provide strong creative direction and production value.

Our team of creatives are able to provide you and your brand the sort of content that you deserve. Following a workshop session we can provide the necessary creative direction to assist in areas that are either under delivering or under valued.

We’re not just limited to digital content creation either, our team are able to provide a number of creative services that provide you with a variety of opportunity and scale.

Creative Direction
Video & Photography
Graphic Design


Channel Management

What makes your competition stand out from the rest? We believe it’s probably got something to do with the level of creative content and the way they deliver it to their audience. Our team are able to provide a level of knowledge that will assist in elevating your brand and your social media presence.

Engagement through your brand's social channels help deliver transparency and visibility. Our social content and management strategies look at the visual and non-visual representation of your brand through your social channels.

Creative production & design
Content calendar management
Social research & listening
Competitive analysis
Audience segmentation


Influencer Marketing

We approach each brand and business in the same structured way which has been tried and tested over many years. This allows us to create a true understanding of your market and industry, your brand, and your competitors. From there we can develop a strong list of influencers that fit within our strict evaluation process.

We evaluate every influencer by their engagement rate rather than the amount of followers, posts or cost. This means we can carefully filter people who have seen growth but don’t have the leverage that we’re looking for.

Identify your goals/KPIs
Research possible influencers
Prepare the initial outreach
Nurture your influencer relationship
Report and measure impact